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транспортно-экспедиционная компания

транспортно-экспедиционная компания
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вторник, 18 февраля 2014 г.

Customer orientation as a tool for freight forwarder

Customer orientation is characterise the business of freight forwarding services. It reflects the Client's place in the system of priorities of shipping companies and port infrastructure .

After all, it is hard task for shipping company to concentrate the service on each customer. These global companies operate in own system, in accordance with its rules, processing orders , the number of which is difficult to imagine. So naturally, some nuances may not be discussed with a client in advance (especially if it is not permanent shipments), and can lead to real additional costs for a Client for every little thing such as: the delay in releasing transport documents (till cut-off date and time), demurrage and detention charges, the validity of the proposed tariff for carriage by sea, amendment changes in Bill of Lading (even, for example , the correction of one letter ), payment terms, etc. 
There are many such nuances. 
For example, a shipper from China provides untimely documents to the shipping company office, because of weather conditions. Consignee who booked a certain line voyage date a month ago, receives information from a about the load beeing posponed for a week, because the shipper has not provide them documents in time (with a delay of 3 hours). For the consignee that means, it is a failure of delivery, which will definitely entail losses.
If we add another link chain, for example, transport forwarder, then in that case, a customer-oriented-forwarder deprives the shipping company of the customer care proceedings, and there are no extra payments in that case. 
Or, in the shortest possible time, they look for an alternative and book another line, cancelling the failed one. And it does not cause additional costs as well. As a result, delivery schedule and Client's budget are saved. And that is the main purpose of a customer-oriented-forwarder.

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